July 2018 Alt Col Picks

Lots of great albums were released in July, so here are our favorite records, EPs, and singles of the month! (In no particular order.) Want a Spotify playlist? Click here!

  • Like Pacific – In Spite of Me

Raucous distortion and granular vocal performances characterize the sophomore record from Like Pacific titled In Spite of Me. In Spite of Me spans beyond the typical pop punk timbre, branching out into alt-rock and emo-tinged territories while maintaining charisma and catchiness. Standout tracks include “Had It Coming,” “Sedatives,” “Something Missing,” and “Self Defeated.” In Spite of Me will appeal to fans of The Story So Far, Knuckle Puck, and Between You & Me. Click here to listen.

  • Real Friends – Composure

Composure displays Real Friends at their most refined state yet, as if they’ve gained more … composure. The Chicago pop punk band still delivers their emotional subject matters and hint of youthfulness but in a much more mature, cultivated sense. Standout tracks include “From the Outside,” “Unconditional Love,” “Me First,” and “Get By.” Composure is bound to satisfy followers of WSTR, Transit, and Seaway. Click here to listen.

  • Oh, Weatherly – Lips Like Oxygen

Oh, Weatherly’s debut full-length Lips Like Oxygen will take your breath away with its hard-hitting instrumentals and singalong choruses. Lips Like Oxygen makes it feel like 2005 pop punk never really ended… in the best way possible. Standout tracks include “Love and Poetry,” “Here Tonight,” “I Think I Want You,” and “Dark of the Night.” Lips Like Oxygen is sure to attract listeners of Mayday Parade, You vs. Yesterday, and Sincerely, Me. Click here to listen.

  • The Hunna – Dare

Dare, the second studio album from The Hunna, dares to step outside the lines through moody atmosphere, fervent energy, and impassioned vocals. Coarse guitar melodies and poignant lyricism make Dare an emotional roller coaster, demanding for repeated listens. Standout tracks include “Summer,” “Flickin’ Your Hair,” “NY to LA,” and “Babe, Can I Call?” Dare is for fans of High Tyde, The Night Café, and JAWS. Click here to listen.

  • Lydia – Liquor

Lydia’s latest long-player Liquor amalgamates everything from indie pop to singer/songwriter to indie rock to every experimental mixture in between. With vertiginous guitar refrains and ethereal vocal layering, Liquor will intoxicate you with every spin. Standout tracks include “Sunlight,” “Goodside,” “Way Out,” and “Red Lights (feat. Lauren Ruth Ward).” Liquor will attract followers of From Indian Lakes, Half Moon Run, and Holy Holy. Click here to listen.

  • Amy Shark – Love Monster

Joining forces with the likes of Jack Antonoff, Joel Little, and Mark Hoppus, Australian singer/songwriter Amy Shark provides an alternative pop record defined by soul-rattling ballads and upbeat summer anthems. Standout tracks include “All Loved Up,” “I Said Hi,” “Psycho (feat. Mark Hoppus),” and “You Think I Think I Sound Like God.” Love Monster will capture listeners of Methyl Ethel, Cub Sport, and Jack River. Click here to listen.

  • Trash Boat – Crown Shyness

Hopeless Records signees Trash Boat deliver their sophomore effort titled Crown Shyness. Crown Shyness is filled to the brim with heart-rending lyricism and somber attitude through hard-hitting guitars and harrowing vocal performances. Standout tracks include “Shade,” “Inside Out,” “Old Soul,” and “Don’t Open Your Eyes.” Crown Shyness is sure to satisfy fans of Like Pacific, The Story So Far, and Boston Manor. Click here to listen.

  • Buzzhowl Records – Buzzhowl Volume 1

Available August 17, Buzzhowl Records’ first compilation Buzzhowl Volume 1 is a delectable collection of exploratory noise rock and alt-rock. With mind-bending melodies and boisterous walls of sound, Buzzhowl Volume 1 is a must-listen for any fan of noise rock. Standout tracks include “Reset” by Dead Tenants, “Power Bomb Baby” by Gravves, and “Mother” by Bo Gritz,but the whole release is phenomenal! This compilation will appeal to followers of IDLES, Hot Snakes, and Hey Colossus. Click here to listen.

  • Wet – Still Run

Standout tracks include “You’re Not Wrong,” “Lately,” and “Out of Tune.” Still Run is for fans of TT, The Japanese House, and Broods. Click here to listen.

  • Halestorm – Vicious

Hard-hitting rock with powerhouse vocals. Standout tracks include “Skulls,” “Painkiller,” and “Uncomfortable.” Vicious will interest fans of Shinedown, In This Moment, and Pop Evil. Click here to listen.

  • Save Face – Merci

Standout tracks include “Bad,” “Nothin’,” and “Jonesin’.” Merci is for fans of Hot Mulligan, Super Whatevr, and Elder Brother. Click here to listen.

  • Mom Jeans. – Puppy Love

Standout tracks include “glamorous,” “you can’t eat cats, Kevin,” and “PT. 2.” Puppy Love is for fans of Remo Drive, Hot Mulligan, and Joyce Manor. Click here to listen.

  • Hopesfall – Arbiter

Standout tracks include “H.A. Wallace Space Academy,” “Tunguska,” and “Faint Object Camera.” Arbiter is for fans of Every Time I Die, Glassjaw, and Thursday. Click here to listen.

  • We the Kings – Six

Standout tracks include “Even If It Kills Me,” “On My Love,” and “Alive.” Six is for fans of All Time Low, Boys Like Girls, and Every Avenue. Click here to listen.

  • The Nude Party – The Nude Party

Standout tracks include “Records,” “Chevrolet Van,” and “Water On Mars.” The Nude Party is for fans of Twin Peaks, Ron Gallo, and Naked Giants. Click here to listen.


  • The Spitfires – Year Zero

Standout tracks include “The New Age,” “Remains the Same,” and “Over and Over Again.” Year Zero is for fans of The Sherlocks, The Theme, and Blossoms. Click here to listen.

  • Between You & Me – Everything Is Temporary

Standout tracks include “Dakota,” “Twice Shy,” and “Everything Is Temporary.” Everything Is Temporary is for fans of Neck Deep, Coldfront, and Mayday Parade. Click here to listen.

  • Pool Kids – Music to Practice Safe Sex to

Standout tracks include “They Only Care About My Fills and Not My Feels,” “Patterns,” and “Borderline.” Music to Practice Safe Sex to is for fans of Charmer, Dryjacket, and Woolbright. Click here to listen.

  • Covet – effloresce

Standout tracks include “glimmer,” “howl,” and “falkor.” Effloresce is for fans of Yvette Young, Enemies, and Floral. Click here to listen.

  • Chelsea Grin – Eternal Nightmare

Standout tracks include “See You Soon,” “Dead Rose,” and “Hostage.” Eternal Nightmare is for fans of Thy Art Is Murder, The Acacia Strain, and Born of Osiris. Click here to listen.

  • YUNGBLUD – 21st Century Liability

Standout tracks include “California,” “Medication,” and “Psychotic Kids.” 21st Century Liability is for fans of grandson, Two Feet, and twenty one pilots. Click here to listen.

  • Bury Tomorrow – Black Flame

Standout tracks include “Black Flame,” “Knife of Gold,” and “The Age.” Black Flame is for fans of Miss May I, Parkway Drive, and The Color Morale. Click here to listen.


Extended Plays
  • Knox Hamilton – Beach Boy

Standout tracks include “Trade My Trips” and “Video Sunshine.” Beach Boy is for fans of COIN, LANY, and courtship. Click here to listen.

  • Dog Mom – Ripe

Standout tracks include “Dropout” and “House of Salt.” Ripe is for fans of boy pablo, No Vacation, and Temporex. Click here to listen.

  • Emmalee – Take Me As I Am

Standout tracks include “Beach Weather” and “Get On, Dear.” Take Me As I Am is for fans of Penny and Sparrow, Drew Holcomb, and early Bon Iver. Click here to listen.

  • joan – portra

Standout tracks include “stop and stare” and “take me on.” portra is for fans of LANY, MILKK, and COIN. Click here to listen.

  • The Friends of Batman – Pain

Standout tracks include “Pain” and “Perfume.” Pain is for fans of The Get Up Kids, Save the Day, and Minor Threat. Click here to listen.



  • George Ogilvie – Nowhere

Standout tracks include “Surveillance” and “Second Nature.” Nowhere is for fans of Chris Dupont, City and Colour, and Trent Dabbs. Click here to listen.

  • Pink Skies – Does It Really Matter?

Colorful, kaleidoscopic production. Standout tracks include “I Don’t Wanna See You Cry” and “Passing Me By.” Does It Really Matter? is for fans of Smallpools, MILKK, and The Japanese House. Click here to listen.

  • Chaser – Life I Used to Love

Standout tracks include “Your Everything” and “Penniless.” Life I Used to Love is for fans of Homesafe, Like Pacific, and Can’t Swim. Click here to listen.

  • Thunder Club – Summer Vice

Standout tracks include “Hot Words” and “Pocketbook Lover.” Summer Vice is for fans of Glass Towers, Pacific Radio, and LEDGES. Click here to listen.

  • Norphlet – Norphlet

Standout tracks include “Brand New” and “Omador.” Norphlet is for fans of Hockey Dad, Boston Manor, and Have Mercy. Click here to listen.

  • Orchards – Losers/Lovers

Standout tracks include “Drama King” and “Double Vision.” Losers/Lovers is for fans of Delta Sleep, Bad Suns, and Invalids. Click here to listen.

  • Yoke Lore – Absolutes

Standout tracks include “Fake You” and “Ride.” Absolutes is for fans of flor, joan, and Day Wave. Click here to listen.



Featured SingleS

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Our Alt Col Picks are curated lists of the best albums and EPs for each month! We keep a schedule of upcoming releases and pick our favorite ones at the end of the month, giving them a spotlight here and on Twitter. To be featured in one of our lists, hit us up on our contact page or Twitter, though nothing is guaranteed. (We rarely make exceptions to include past releases, so if your album came out in June, we might be hesitant to include it in July or August, for instance.)


November 2016 Alt Col Picks


Many great releases appeared in November this year, so here are our favorite albums of the month! (In no particular order.)

  • Waterparks – Double Dare

Waterparks, hailing from Houston, Texas, is known for efficiently blending electronic elements and high-energy pop rock, and the amalgam continues on their full-length debut album, Double Dare. The pop punk luster is not covered up by the computerized components, but is instead perfectly complemented. Standout tracks include “Stupid for You,” “Hawaii (Stay Awake),” and “Royal.” Double Dare will attract fans of State Champs, As It Is, and With Confidence.

  • Highly Suspect – The Boy Who Died Wolf

The hard rock and bluesy accents of Highly Suspect’s abilities are capitalized upon in this mesmerizing, head-bobbing release. The Boy Who Died Wolf showcases a rollicking yet leisurely approach to crisp, amplified guitar work and smooth percussion. Standout tracks include “My Name Is Human,” “Little One,” and “Serotonia.” The Boy Who Died Wolf is sure to appeal to listeners of Deftones, The Pretty Reckless, and Evans Blue.

  • Masketta Fall – Golden

A sheer pop band, Masketta Fall has begun moving away from the rockier sound of their 2012 release Something Beautiful to a more radio-friendly style leaning heavy on the pop side. And hey, don’t let that turn you away from checking this album out! Guitars are still prevalent and amped up, even if the pop aspects shine through. Standout tracks include “Mercedes,” “Defenceless,” and “Butterflies.” Golden will interest followers of The Vamps, The Summer Set, and Crash the Party.

  • Black Box Warning – Black Box Warning

Album art.jpegThe debut self-titled long-player from metal band Black Box Warning has something for every rock fan: breakdowns, screams, clean vocals, and deep lyrics. The stellar musicianship and execution is simply something to marvel, and the emotional passion bolsters it even more. Standout tracks include “Nothing is Everything,” “Neon Mind,” and “Hypnagogia.” Black Box Warning will attract fans of Breaking Benjamin, Three Days Grace, and Bullet For My Valentine.

  • Homesafe – Evermore

Looking for some decent pop punk to listen to? Well, here’s a great cut to come from November. Homesafe recrudesces with an 8-track album filled with solid rock jams and some of their best work to date. The crisp production and talent of this band refuses to be overlooked and begs for you to listen in. Standout tracks include “Float Away,” “Two (Bare) Hands,” and “Exoneration.” Evermore will certainly appeal to followers of Real Friends, Knuckle Puck, and Sleep On It.

  • Broken Back – Broken Back

Jérôme, under the stage name of Broken Back, debuts an electro indie folk album that surely leaves one scratching their head at how to properly label it… Broken Back fuses together many different styles to create a wonderful collection of upbeat earcandy displaying acoustic guitars, electronic principles, and raspy vocals. Standout tracks include “Lady Bitterness,” “Excuses,” and “Better Run.” Broken Back will interest listeners of The Shoes, ALB, and Mai Lan.

  • Summer Lights – From Start to Finish (EP)

Another great pop punk release, the From Start to Finish EP by Salt Lake City band Summer Lights boasts rock gravity and brilliance from start to finish. Hopefully these guys will hit it big in the scene soon because this EP deserves to be heard, and we can’t wait to hear more! Standout tracks include “With You” and “Pick Up the Pieces.” From Start to Finish is sure to attract fans of Sleep On It, Knuckle Puck, and You vs. Yesterday.

  • Royal Teeth – Amateurs (EP)

Smooth pop rock band Royal Teeth returns with Amateurs, an EP that proves they’re far more than just amateurs. With artwork that resembles this 5 Seconds of Summer photo, there’s no doubt this EP will capture an upbeat pop rock vibe that balances the two adjectives expertly. Standout tracks include “Kids Conspire,” “Only You,” and “Is It Just Me.” Amateurs will appeal to listeners of 5SOS, The Summer Set, and The Colourist.

  • The Griswolds – High Times for Low Lives

The Griswolds gained traction in the scene from touring with power pop band Walk the Moon and singles from their previous album, but hopefully this release will launch them farther into stardom! This LP is a masterpiece of alt-pop grandeur that you don’t wanna miss. Standout tracks include “Out of My Head,” “High Times for Low Lives,” and “Feels So Right.” High Times for Low Lives will interest followers of POP ETC, Passion Pit, and Neon Trees.

  • Heavy English – Pop Wasteland

Pop Wasteland, the debut full-length from New York City trio Heavy English, boasts various styles and approaches all in the vein of glossy alt-rock that packs a punch. From the denser, darker guitar melodies of “Black Dog” to the buoyant beat of “21 Flights,” this album truly has a lot to offer. Standout tracks include “21 Flights,” “Black Dog,” and “Washed Up Tongue.” Pop Wasteland is sure to attract fans of The Dear Hunter, White Arrows, and NGHBRS.

  • Half Hearted – Terrified (EP)

Half Hearted utilizes clean vocals and impassioned screams to develop contrast on their latest EP, Terrified. The hooky guitar melodies are hauntingly unblemished and the overall musical ability of this group is enthralling. Poignant lyricism and a desire to capture the listener certainly pay off amazingly well. Standout tracks include “Terrified,” “Ghosts,” and “Storm Chaser,” but honestly, the entire EP is fantastic! Terrified will interests listeners of Currents, Wage War, and Beartooth.

  • Woes – Woes (EP)

Pop punk done right yet again! Woes debuts with the 5-track self-titled extended play that is bound to get stuck in your head. While some lyrics are cheesy and troubadouric, this youthfully energetic EP still shines and will fit comfortably in the library of any pop punk fan. Standout tracks include “Winter Sun” and, well, the entire EP! Woes will appeal to followers of Knuckle Puck, Neck Deep, and State Champs.

Honorable Mentions
  • Icon for Hire – You Can’t Kill Us

Standout tracks include “Supposed to Be,” “You Can’t Kill Us,” “War,” and “Get Well II.” For fans of Tonight Alive, Digital Daggers, and New Years Day.


Standout tracks include “Body Moves,” “Truthfully,” “Good Day,” and “Be Mean.” For fans of Maroon 5, Olly Murs, and Set It Off. (Upside Down era.)

  • An Untold Sadness – Sonorous

Standout tracks include “The Truth,” “What of Your Riches?,” “This Far, and No Further,” and “Flowers.” For fans of Avenged Sevenfold, Disturbed, and Crown the Empire.

  • Cold Collective – Through w/ That (EP/Single)

coldStandout tracks include the entire release, but especially “Through w/ That.” For fans of Transit, Man Overboard, and Misser.

  • pronoun – There’s no one new around you. (EP)

Standout tracks include the entire release, but especially “a million other things.” For fans of Knox Hamilton, A Silent Film, and Summer Camp.

  • The Japanese House – Swim Against the Tide (EP)

Standout tracks include the entire release, but especially “Good Side In.” For fans of Hayley Kiyoko, Scavenger Hunt, and Summer Camp.

  • Ready to Fire – Satellites (EP)

Standout tracks include the entire release, but especially “Nerve.” For fans of 5 Seconds of Summer, Paramore, and All Time Low.

Let us know what you think of November’s releases down in the comments below!