Young the Giant – Home of the Strange, 2016 (Album Review)

Young the Giant returns with their third album to beautifully fuse modern rock and indie influences into one boisterous masterpiece. With splotches of electronic clout, 2016’s Home of the Strange blends into an amalgam of cultured lyricism and savory musicianship. From pungent riffs to melodic strains, this album should “keep spinning on repeat” for a long time to come.

Lead singer Sameer Gadhia’s finespun voice cascades over soft rain and balmy acoustic diapasons featured on “Titus Was Born” and velvety refrains found in “Art Exhibit,” but Sameer can also unleash a barrage of thunderous vocals on tracks like “Something to Believe In” and “Jungle Youth” that are enough to rattle arenas. “Silvertongue” proves to be an upbeat display of debauchery, and “Nothing’s Over” offers a danceable bass cadence near the end of the album. More delectable, mellow tunes include “Elsewhere” and “Repeat,” and the buoyant “Mr. Know-It-All” wears inflections of bluesy, sanguine effects on its sleeve. The opening and closing numbers, “Amerika” and “Home of the Strange” respectively, provide an atmosphere for political matters involving immigration to the United States and give the five-piece group a dynamic platform in the current heated election race.

Home of the Strange has a little something for everyone, much like the cultural melting pot of America. Between interesting instrumentation, clamorous anthems, and explosive electronic elements, Young the Giant’s third album is sure to find a home in your music library. Overall, this long-player ranks in at a 9.5/10, certainly one of the most well-rounded albums in Young the Giant’s discography and best albums of 2016.


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