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Questions, comments, concerns, or submissions? Interested in advertising opportunities? Let us hear it below! You can also email us directly at (Feel free to add us to your mailing list!)


Thank you! We will get back with you shortly. We listen to every submission and check out every artist that sends in their music. We love discovering new bands and widening our horizons of music taste and variety, everything from indie pop to alt-rock to pop punk to singer/songwriter to folk and all the things in between! (Please look for an email from You may need to check your spam folder. Also, please allow us up to 2 weeks to respond! If you do not receive a response during this time period, please know that we more than likely read your comment/submission and will act accordingly, such as being featured in one of our posts.)

While we prefer digital items, please send all physical items to:
UM Box 2154
PO Box 6571
Montevallo, AL 35115

Thank you!
– Alt Columnist


Frequently Asked Questions

I contacted you and got no reply. What’s up with that?

First off, I’m extremely sorry! Second, I get a plethora of emails each week and try my best to respond but I’m only human. However, I promise you I do read every message and check out every submission that comes my way. I more than likely followed you on Twitter and/or retweeted your new single, music video, etc. and just didn’t get around to officially replying. And every upcoming release is added to my schedule so I promise I don’t overlook a single thing! Please feel free to contact me again!

How do I get featured on your website in any way?

We predominantly run our “news” and updates through Twitter, so it’s very easy and common for us to simply retweet you or tweet about you there. To be featured on our website specifically, you can send us a submission/contact us. The most probable form of being featured on our website is being included in our monthly picks, which you can continue reading about below. We also run Artist Spotlights where we discuss a particular artist more in depth. (Our full album reviews are long-form essays that we do not accept submissions/suggestions for, unless proposed by a major label or artist. We also accept early releases in those situations!) Please understand that there is no guarantee.

Do you do interviews with artists and how can I land one?

We only do in-person interviews, no email or phone interviews. The interviews are posted on our website, YouTube, and Soundcloud. So any time you’re in the Birmingham, AL, area, let me know and we can meet up somewhere! (I promise I don’t bite.)

How do you choose your monthly picks?

Our Alt Col Monthly Picks is one of our most popular “segments” where we choose our favorite releases (full-lengths, EPs, and occasionally singles) of the calendar month. It is based purely on personal opinion, though we do typically feature releases that have been submitted to us either by the artist, their record label, management team, or PR team. Please note that our monthly picks are not about promotion, though they are indeed very useful when it comes to that. For us, we just like talking about music we enjoy! (Also, no, we don’t give ratings.) We choose our main featured full-lengths and honorable mentions, and EPs are listed separately after all the LPs.

How can I get one of my releases to appear in your monthly picks?

You can shoot us a submission by filling out the contact form above or emailing us directly! Please understand that we can’t include everything so there is no absolute guarantee, though we will certainly try our best. We rarely ever include past releases, so for instance, if your album came out in June, we might be hesitant to feature it in our post for July or August. However, we can always make exceptions! Again, our monthly picks aren’t solely about promotion, but they can be inherently utilized as such nonetheless.

When do you publish your monthly picks?

We try to publish our post by the end of the given month. However, some releases come out fairly late in the month and things can get busy in real life, so we try to have the post out by the 15th of the next month at the very latest.

Why do you structure your monthly picks posts the way you do?

We include links to standout tracks and to purchase/stream for the sake of promotion but also so the reader can easily listen to the music we’re discussing. We include similar sounding artists to give the reader an idea of what to expect, not to detract from the artist at hand. It is also beneficial to include similar artists because if a reader sees an artist they like listed, they’re more likely to check it out.

We list multiple releases in one post instead of making separate posts for each release because it is easier for us to write, structure, and publish. And again, our monthly picks are predominantly published so we can talk about music we like, not solely to promote the artists. We choose our main featured full-lengths and honorable mentions, and EPs are listed separately. EPs are differentiated from LPs on our list, so even though an EP might be the best thing we’ve heard all year, we will still include it in its own category.

Will you follow me on Twitter?

We only follow back bands/artists, record labels, management teams, and PR teams.

Do you accept bribes for anything?

Maybe. Maybe we could say payments.

Are you hiring?

Not really, no. Unless you want to work for free! :) Hey, any experience is good experience if you are looking to progress in the music industry or as a writer, editor, designer, social media manager, whatever it may be.

Who are you?!

(The head administrator:) I’m a young, broke college student on my way to earning a bachelor’s in psychology with a minor in biology! I aspire to earn a doctorate and work as either a therapist or school counselor. Alt Columnist is an independent passion project for me; it’s not a job or assignment or anything like that. I’m just a big music nerd with a knack for writing! My favorite bands are 5 Seconds of Summer, Local Natives, Walk the Moon, and Fall Out Boy, just to name a few. I love collecting vinyl records and cassette tapes, and I also love giving a boost to up-and-coming artists. I also produce electronic music, write poetry, and run a poetry collective. I’ve been published in multiple literary magazines and I even wrote a play when I was 16. I ran a clothing company for a year but shut it down to pursue other things, like college and Alt Col for example. My background in music consists of playing clarinet for nine years, producing music for six years, and singing for as long as I can remember. I also arrange sheet music and perform at the university level in numerous ensembles. (Yeah, I know, I’m a band nerd.) If you’d like to know me a bit more personally, you can always shoot me a DM on Twitter and we can chat! :) Yes, I’m a music journalist, but above all, I’m a music fan.

Thank you! If you have any other questions, please let us know through the contact form above or on Twitter!


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