August 2018 Alt Col Picks

Plenty of great records were released in August, so here are our favorite albums, EPs, and singles of the month! (In no particular order.)

This month’s list will be heavily abbreviated. I apologize in advance.

  • With Confidence – Love & Loathing

A fabulous pop punk record filled to the brim with energy and emotion. Standout tracks include “That Something,” “Spinning,” “Moving Boxes,” and “Jaded.” Love & Loathing will capture listeners of All Time Low, State Champs, and Broadside. Click here to listen.

  • Trophy Eyes – The American Dream

Quite a stylistic transition from their previous outing, The American Dream offers a brighter, more upbeat display of Trophy Eyes. Standout tracks include “Friday Forever,” “You Can Count On Me,” “Lavender Bay,” and “Autumn.” The American Dream will appeal to fans of Like Pacific, Grayscale, and Homesafe. Click here to listen.

  • As It Is – The Great Depression

Just about a year and a half after their 2017 record, As It Is delivers a refreshingly dark album, a haunting commentary on mental health, interpersonal struggles, and social norms. Standout tracks include “The Wounded World,” “The Truth I’ll Never Tell,” “The Stigma (Boys Don’t Cry),” and “The Fire, the Dark.” The Great Depression is bound to satisfy followers of Oh, Weatherly, Story Untold, and WSTR. Click here to listen.

  • lovelytheband – Finding It Hard to Smile

~~~cool LA vibes, bro~~~ Standout tracks include “Make Believe,” “Maybe, I’m Afraid,” “Stupid Mistakes,” and “Coachella.” Finding It Hard to Smile is sure to attract listeners of Beach Weather, Tilian, Anarbor’s recent material, and joan. Click here to listen.

  • WSTR – Identity Crisis

Another quick album turnout, WSTR recrudesces on Identity Crisis with more exhilarating pop punk anthems. Standout tracks include “Bad to the Bone,” “Silly Me,” “Crisis,” and “Hide Everything Sharp.” Identity Crisis is for fans of ROAM, Seaway, and Neck Deep. Click here to listen.

  • Vinyl Theatre – Starcruiser

After escaping the neglect of Fueled By Ramen, Vinyl Theatre blows everything out of the water with Starcruiser, an album chocked full of experimental sounds and blazing hooks. Standout tracks include “Feel It All,” “We Make the Music,” “Our Song,” and “Done With These Days.” Starcruiser will attract followers of COIN, twenty one pilots, and Night Riots. Click here to listen.

  • Deaf Havana – Rituals

Yet another fast release and stylistic shift. Deaf Havana’s Rituals steps outside their typical rock boundaries to serve a polished, pop rock sound with electronic elements and poppy hooks. Standout tracks include “Sinner,” “Holy,” “Heaven,” and “Hell.” Rituals is sure to satisfy fans of Anarbor, PVRIS, and LANY. Click here to listen.

  • Belmont – Belmont

Belmont’s debut self-titled record is a hard-hitting pop punk project with a bit of a harsher tone than most. Standout tracks include “Hollowed Out,” “BMC,” “Empty,” and “Pushing Daisies.” Belmont will appeal to followers of Trash Boat, WSTR, and Like Pacific. Click here to listen.


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Let us know what you think of August’s releases down in the comments below!

Our Alt Col Picks are curated lists of the best albums and EPs for each month! We keep a schedule of upcoming releases and pick our favorite ones at the end of the month, giving them a spotlight here and on Twitter. To be featured in one of our lists, hit us up on our contact page or Twitter, though nothing is guaranteed. (We rarely make exceptions to include past releases, so if your album came out in June, we might be hesitant to include it in July or August, for instance.)


July 2018 Alt Col Picks

Lots of great albums were released in July, so here are our favorite records, EPs, and singles of the month! (In no particular order.) Want a Spotify playlist? Click here!

  • Like Pacific – In Spite of Me

Raucous distortion and granular vocal performances characterize the sophomore record from Like Pacific titled In Spite of Me. In Spite of Me spans beyond the typical pop punk timbre, branching out into alt-rock and emo-tinged territories while maintaining charisma and catchiness. Standout tracks include “Had It Coming,” “Sedatives,” “Something Missing,” and “Self Defeated.” In Spite of Me will appeal to fans of The Story So Far, Knuckle Puck, and Between You & Me. Click here to listen.

  • Real Friends – Composure

Composure displays Real Friends at their most refined state yet, as if they’ve gained more … composure. The Chicago pop punk band still delivers their emotional subject matters and hint of youthfulness but in a much more mature, cultivated sense. Standout tracks include “From the Outside,” “Unconditional Love,” “Me First,” and “Get By.” Composure is bound to satisfy followers of WSTR, Transit, and Seaway. Click here to listen.

  • Oh, Weatherly – Lips Like Oxygen

Oh, Weatherly’s debut full-length Lips Like Oxygen will take your breath away with its hard-hitting instrumentals and singalong choruses. Lips Like Oxygen makes it feel like 2005 pop punk never really ended… in the best way possible. Standout tracks include “Love and Poetry,” “Here Tonight,” “I Think I Want You,” and “Dark of the Night.” Lips Like Oxygen is sure to attract listeners of Mayday Parade, You vs. Yesterday, and Sincerely, Me. Click here to listen.

  • The Hunna – Dare

Dare, the second studio album from The Hunna, dares to step outside the lines through moody atmosphere, fervent energy, and impassioned vocals. Coarse guitar melodies and poignant lyricism make Dare an emotional roller coaster, demanding for repeated listens. Standout tracks include “Summer,” “Flickin’ Your Hair,” “NY to LA,” and “Babe, Can I Call?” Dare is for fans of High Tyde, The Night Café, and JAWS. Click here to listen.

  • Lydia – Liquor

Lydia’s latest long-player Liquor amalgamates everything from indie pop to singer/songwriter to indie rock to every experimental mixture in between. With vertiginous guitar refrains and ethereal vocal layering, Liquor will intoxicate you with every spin. Standout tracks include “Sunlight,” “Goodside,” “Way Out,” and “Red Lights (feat. Lauren Ruth Ward).” Liquor will attract followers of From Indian Lakes, Half Moon Run, and Holy Holy. Click here to listen.

  • Amy Shark – Love Monster

Joining forces with the likes of Jack Antonoff, Joel Little, and Mark Hoppus, Australian singer/songwriter Amy Shark provides an alternative pop record defined by soul-rattling ballads and upbeat summer anthems. Standout tracks include “All Loved Up,” “I Said Hi,” “Psycho (feat. Mark Hoppus),” and “You Think I Think I Sound Like God.” Love Monster will capture listeners of Methyl Ethel, Cub Sport, and Jack River. Click here to listen.

  • Trash Boat – Crown Shyness

Hopeless Records signees Trash Boat deliver their sophomore effort titled Crown Shyness. Crown Shyness is filled to the brim with heart-rending lyricism and somber attitude through hard-hitting guitars and harrowing vocal performances. Standout tracks include “Shade,” “Inside Out,” “Old Soul,” and “Don’t Open Your Eyes.” Crown Shyness is sure to satisfy fans of Like Pacific, The Story So Far, and Boston Manor. Click here to listen.

  • Buzzhowl Records – Buzzhowl Volume 1

Available August 17, Buzzhowl Records’ first compilation Buzzhowl Volume 1 is a delectable collection of exploratory noise rock and alt-rock. With mind-bending melodies and boisterous walls of sound, Buzzhowl Volume 1 is a must-listen for any fan of noise rock. Standout tracks include “Reset” by Dead Tenants, “Power Bomb Baby” by Gravves, and “Mother” by Bo Gritz,but the whole release is phenomenal! This compilation will appeal to followers of IDLES, Hot Snakes, and Hey Colossus. Click here to listen.

  • Wet – Still Run

Standout tracks include “You’re Not Wrong,” “Lately,” and “Out of Tune.” Still Run is for fans of TT, The Japanese House, and Broods. Click here to listen.

  • Halestorm – Vicious

Hard-hitting rock with powerhouse vocals. Standout tracks include “Skulls,” “Painkiller,” and “Uncomfortable.” Vicious will interest fans of Shinedown, In This Moment, and Pop Evil. Click here to listen.

  • Save Face – Merci

Standout tracks include “Bad,” “Nothin’,” and “Jonesin’.” Merci is for fans of Hot Mulligan, Super Whatevr, and Elder Brother. Click here to listen.

  • Mom Jeans. – Puppy Love

Standout tracks include “glamorous,” “you can’t eat cats, Kevin,” and “PT. 2.” Puppy Love is for fans of Remo Drive, Hot Mulligan, and Joyce Manor. Click here to listen.

  • Hopesfall – Arbiter

Standout tracks include “H.A. Wallace Space Academy,” “Tunguska,” and “Faint Object Camera.” Arbiter is for fans of Every Time I Die, Glassjaw, and Thursday. Click here to listen.

  • We the Kings – Six

Standout tracks include “Even If It Kills Me,” “On My Love,” and “Alive.” Six is for fans of All Time Low, Boys Like Girls, and Every Avenue. Click here to listen.

  • The Nude Party – The Nude Party

Standout tracks include “Records,” “Chevrolet Van,” and “Water On Mars.” The Nude Party is for fans of Twin Peaks, Ron Gallo, and Naked Giants. Click here to listen.


  • The Spitfires – Year Zero

Standout tracks include “The New Age,” “Remains the Same,” and “Over and Over Again.” Year Zero is for fans of The Sherlocks, The Theme, and Blossoms. Click here to listen.

  • Between You & Me – Everything Is Temporary

Standout tracks include “Dakota,” “Twice Shy,” and “Everything Is Temporary.” Everything Is Temporary is for fans of Neck Deep, Coldfront, and Mayday Parade. Click here to listen.

  • Pool Kids – Music to Practice Safe Sex to

Standout tracks include “They Only Care About My Fills and Not My Feels,” “Patterns,” and “Borderline.” Music to Practice Safe Sex to is for fans of Charmer, Dryjacket, and Woolbright. Click here to listen.

  • Covet – effloresce

Standout tracks include “glimmer,” “howl,” and “falkor.” Effloresce is for fans of Yvette Young, Enemies, and Floral. Click here to listen.

  • Chelsea Grin – Eternal Nightmare

Standout tracks include “See You Soon,” “Dead Rose,” and “Hostage.” Eternal Nightmare is for fans of Thy Art Is Murder, The Acacia Strain, and Born of Osiris. Click here to listen.

  • YUNGBLUD – 21st Century Liability

Standout tracks include “California,” “Medication,” and “Psychotic Kids.” 21st Century Liability is for fans of grandson, Two Feet, and twenty one pilots. Click here to listen.

  • Bury Tomorrow – Black Flame

Standout tracks include “Black Flame,” “Knife of Gold,” and “The Age.” Black Flame is for fans of Miss May I, Parkway Drive, and The Color Morale. Click here to listen.


Extended Plays
  • Knox Hamilton – Beach Boy

Standout tracks include “Trade My Trips” and “Video Sunshine.” Beach Boy is for fans of COIN, LANY, and courtship. Click here to listen.

  • Dog Mom – Ripe

Standout tracks include “Dropout” and “House of Salt.” Ripe is for fans of boy pablo, No Vacation, and Temporex. Click here to listen.

  • Emmalee – Take Me As I Am

Standout tracks include “Beach Weather” and “Get On, Dear.” Take Me As I Am is for fans of Penny and Sparrow, Drew Holcomb, and early Bon Iver. Click here to listen.

  • joan – portra

Standout tracks include “stop and stare” and “take me on.” portra is for fans of LANY, MILKK, and COIN. Click here to listen.

  • The Friends of Batman – Pain

Standout tracks include “Pain” and “Perfume.” Pain is for fans of The Get Up Kids, Save the Day, and Minor Threat. Click here to listen.



  • George Ogilvie – Nowhere

Standout tracks include “Surveillance” and “Second Nature.” Nowhere is for fans of Chris Dupont, City and Colour, and Trent Dabbs. Click here to listen.

  • Pink Skies – Does It Really Matter?

Colorful, kaleidoscopic production. Standout tracks include “I Don’t Wanna See You Cry” and “Passing Me By.” Does It Really Matter? is for fans of Smallpools, MILKK, and The Japanese House. Click here to listen.

  • Chaser – Life I Used to Love

Standout tracks include “Your Everything” and “Penniless.” Life I Used to Love is for fans of Homesafe, Like Pacific, and Can’t Swim. Click here to listen.

  • Thunder Club – Summer Vice

Standout tracks include “Hot Words” and “Pocketbook Lover.” Summer Vice is for fans of Glass Towers, Pacific Radio, and LEDGES. Click here to listen.

  • Norphlet – Norphlet

Standout tracks include “Brand New” and “Omador.” Norphlet is for fans of Hockey Dad, Boston Manor, and Have Mercy. Click here to listen.

  • Orchards – Losers/Lovers

Standout tracks include “Drama King” and “Double Vision.” Losers/Lovers is for fans of Delta Sleep, Bad Suns, and Invalids. Click here to listen.

  • Yoke Lore – Absolutes

Standout tracks include “Fake You” and “Ride.” Absolutes is for fans of flor, joan, and Day Wave. Click here to listen.



Featured SingleS

Let us know what you think of July’s releases down in the comments below!

Our Alt Col Picks are curated lists of the best albums and EPs for each month! We keep a schedule of upcoming releases and pick our favorite ones at the end of the month, giving them a spotlight here and on Twitter. To be featured in one of our lists, hit us up on our contact page or Twitter, though nothing is guaranteed. (We rarely make exceptions to include past releases, so if your album came out in June, we might be hesitant to include it in July or August, for instance.)

June 2018 Alt Col Picks

Plenty of great records were released in June, so here are our favorite albums, EPs, and singles of the month! (In no particular order.) Want a Spotify playlist? Click here!

  • 5 Seconds of Summer – Youngblood

After nearly three years, 5SOS recrudesces to deliver their most experimental and mature record yet. Youngblood is expertly characterized by moody guitar melodies, pensive atmosphere, and stellar vocal performances contributed by  all members of the band. Standout tracks include “Babylon,” “Better Man,” “Midnight,” “Talk Fast,” and “Moving Along,” but every song is amazing! Youngblood will appeal to fans of All Time Low, The Vamps, Fall Out Boy, and Imagine Dragons. Click here to listen.

  • Snail Mail – Lush

At the age of 18, Lindsey Jordan unleashes her debut record Lush, defined by the charming contrast of raucous distorted and smoothly crisp guitar timbres as well as heartfelt lyricism. The earnest verses are ultimately complemented by Jordan’s ardent and undoubtedly commendable vocal displays. Standout tracks include “Heat Wave,” “Pristine,” “Full Control,” and “Let’s Find An Out.” Lush is bound to satisfy followers of Kississippi, Soccer Mommy, and Anna Burch. Click here to listen.

  • Florence + the Machine – High As Hope

Florence Welch provides her most personal and vulnerable material to date on Florence + the Machine’s fourth studio album High As Hope. High As Hope is outlined by organic instrumentation, luscious background vocals, and the powerhouse delivery of Welch, but the most compelling aspect of this release is her raw, emotional exposition. Standout tracks include “Hunger,” “Sky Full of Song,” “Patricia,” and “Big God.” High As Hope is sure to attract listeners of Alice Merton, London Grammar, and Lily Allen. Click here to listen.

  • State Champs – Living Proof

State Champs returns on their third studio LP Living Proof, offering up sticky hooks and hard-hitting guitar tones while maintaining their credibility in the modern pop punk scene. With singalong choruses, fast-paced percussion, and syrupy vocal harmonies, Living Proof is an exhilarating summer record begging for countless replays. Standout tracks include “Dead and Gone,” “Mine Is Gold,” and “Our Time to Go.” Living Proof will interest fans of Neck Deep, Coldfront, and ROAM. Click here to listen.

  • Mayday Parade – Sunnyland

For their sixth studio full-length, Mayday Parade explores tales of heartbreak and emotion while continuing their exceptional rock timbre… and employing the classic unreasonably long song title tactic. Standout tracks include “Piece of Your Heart,” “It’s Hard to Be Religious When Certain People Are Never Incinerated By Bolts of Lightning,” and “Looks Red, Tastes Blue.” Sunnyland will capture followers of Every Avenue, Make Out Monday, and Across the Atlantic. Click here to listen.

  • Father John Misty – God’s Favorite Customer

Josh Tillman exerts his most gut-wrenching songwriting on his fourth long-player God’s Favorite Customer. Between mentions of suicide, marital struggles, and religion, God’s Favorite Customer is a poignant yet mandatory slice of folky singer/songwriter pop. Standout tracks include “Mr. Tillman,” “Disappointing Diamonds Are the Rarest of Them All,” and “God’s Favorite Customer.” God’s Favorite Customer is sure to satisfy listeners of Grizzly Bear, Fleet Foxes, and Foxygen. Click here to listen.

  • Ghost – Prequelle

After internal issues and lineup changes within the band, Ghost presents an epic, theatrical rock/metal record, constituted by holy grandiosity and nuanced technicality. With spectacular musicianship and riveting libretto, Prequelle is an undeniable masterpiece. Standout tracks include “Rats,” “Dance Macabre,” “Miasma,” and “Helvetesfönster.” Prequelle will appeal to followers of Testament, Mastodon, and King Diamond. Click here to listen.

  • Blue Heaven – Volume One

Through shimmery guitar riffs, fervent vocal performances, and intimate lyricism, Blue Heaven’s debut studio record, aptly titled Volume One, is an album worth turning the volume all the way up for. The dreamy sound of Volume One is hypnotic and entrancing, bound to keep you coming back for repeated listens. Standout tracks include “Growing,” “Goodthings,” “Shade,” and “Second Guessing.” Volume One will attract fans of Pinkish Blu, Better Off, and Anarbor. Click here to listen.

  • Homesafe – One

After a string of EPs and singles, Homesafe finally issues their debut full-length titled One. Homesafe, the side project of Knuckle Puck bassist Ryan Rumchaks, delivers an animated pop punk record filled to the brim with pulse-quickening drumming, shredding guitars, and rampant energy. Standout tracks include “Run,” “Vanilla-Scented Laser Beams,” “Sideways Sleeper,” and “Say Something.” One will capture followers of Like Pacific, Knuckle Puck, and Moose Blood. Click here to listen.

  • Brendon Urie – Pray For the Wicked

After the inconsistent Death of a Bachelor, Brendon Urie returns on Pray For the Wicked, another over-polished, squeaky clean pop record with frustratingly thin instrumentation, painfully braggadocious lyricism, and overall messy writing. Standout tracks include “The Overpass” and “(F*ck a) Silver Lining.” Pray For the Wicked will interest listeners of, like, Fall Out Boy. Click here to listen.

Click here to read our album review of Death of a Bachelor.

  • Mike Shinoda – Post Traumatic

Standout tracks include “Crossing a Line,” “Running From My Shadow (ft. grandson),” and “Over Again.” Post Traumatic is for fans of Linkin Park, Fort Minor, and Hollywood Undead. Click here to listen.

  • Colour Me Wednesday – Counting Pennies In the Afterlife

Standout tracks include “Disown,” “Boyfriend’s Car,” and “Sunriser.” Counting Pennies In the Afterlife is for fans of Camp Cope, Remember Sports, and Dream Nails. Click here to listen.

  • This Wild Life – Petaluma

Standout tracks include “Catie Rae,” “Hold You Here,” and “Headfirst.” Petaluma is for fans of Chase Huglin, Casey Bolles, and Coffee Eyes. Click here to listen.

  • Georgia Fearn – Perfect on Paper

Standout tracks include “Misty Mae,” “L’Amour,” and “Emptiness.” Perfect on Paper is for fans of Catey Shaw, Jessica Hernandez & The Deltas, and Caroline Rose. Click here to listen.

  • Conformist – Lifestyle Revised

Standout tracks include “Nothing Important Happened Today (Abridged),” “Art Colony (Abridged),” and “Trust Exercises (Man Without Country Remix).” Lifestyle Revised is for fans of Clone Quartet, DAMPFBAHN!, and Lucid Debate. Click here to listen.

  • Dance Gavin Dance – Artificial Selection

Standout tracks include “Suspended In This Disaster,” “Midnight Crusade,” and “Son of Robot.” Artificial Selection is for fans of Saosin, blessthefall, and The Word Alive. Click here to listen.

  • Nine Inch Nails – Bad Witch

Standout tracks include “God Break Down the Door,” “Ahead of Ourselves,” and “Over and Out.” Bad Witch is for fans of Skinny Puppy, Puscifer, and White Zombie. Click here to listen.

  • Tancred – Nightstand

Standout tracks include “Reviews,” “Queen of New York,” and “Something Else.” Nightstand is for fans of Now, Now, Ratboys, and Kississippi. Click here to listen.

  • Wild Moccasins – Look Together

Standout tracks include “Boyish Wave,” “Longtime Listener,” and “Seven to One.” Look Together is for fans of Buxton, Grandchildren, and Caroline Rose. Click here to listen.

  • Bullet For My Valentine – Gravity

Standout tracks include “Over It,” “Letting You Go,” and “The Very Last Time.” Gravity is for fans of As I Lay Dying, Avenged Sevenfold, and Escape the Fate. Click here to listen.

  • Convictions – Hope For the Broken

Standout tracks include “Deceptive Heart,” “Voices (They Want Me Dead),” and “Divided.” Hope For the Broken is for fans of Dayseeker, Kingdom of Giants, and Thousand Below. Click here to listen.

  • Modern Maps – hope you’re happy.

Standout tracks include “Nightfall,” “Autopilot,” and “Heatwave.” hope you’re happy. is for fans of Sink the Ship, LIMBS, and Slaves. Click here to listen.

  • Like A Storm – Catacombs

Standout tracks include “The Devil Inside,” “Until the Day I Die,” and “The Bitterness.” Catacombs is for fans of Smash Into Pieces, Rains, and Under the Flood. Click here to listen.

  • Natalie Prass – The Future and the Past

Standout tracks include “Short Court Style,” “The Fire,” and “Lost.” The Future and the Past is for fans of Anna Burch, Lucy Dacus, and Caroline Rose. Click here to listen.

  • American Aquarium – Things Change

Standout tracks include “Work Conquers All,” “One Day At a Time,” and “The World Is On Fire.” Things Change is for fans of Cory Branan, Drive-By Truckers, and Jason Eady. Click here to listen.

  • Alex Dingley – Beat the Babble

Standout tracks include “Lovely Life to Leave,” “After the Laughter,” and “I Don’t Ever.” Beat the Babble is for fans of Rayland Baxter, The Kin, and Tobias Jesso, Jr. Click here to listen.

  • Lillye – Evolve

Standout tracks include “Run,” “Brittle Glass,” and “Chained.” Evolve is for fans of Age of Taurus, Forbidden Seasons, and Wayfarer. Click here to listen.

  • Ethereal Delusions – Reformation

Standout tracks include “Pluto,” “Beauty Beyond the Chaos,” and “Shadow of Death.” Reformation is for fans of The Foxholes, A Hope For the Future, and Primorph. Click here to listen.


Extended Plays
  • MILKK – If You’re Reading This, I Love You

Standout tracks include “Leaving” and “Secret’s Out.” If You’re Reading This, I Love You is for fans of LANY, The 1975, and The Japanese House. Click here to listen.

  • Calpurnia – Scout

Standout tracks include “City Boy” and “Louie.” Scout is for fans of The Walters, Wallows, and Twin Peaks. Click here to listen.

  • Spiritual Cramp – Police State

Standout tracks include “I Feel Bad Bein’ Me” and “Blood Clot.” Police State is for fans of Fiddlehead, Big Bite, and Praise. Click here to listen.

  • The Get Up Kids – Kicker

Standout tracks include “Better This Way” and “I’m Sorry.” Kicker is for fans of Saves the Day, The New Amsterdams, and Reggie and the Full Effect. Click here to listen.

  • Betty Who – Betty, Pt. 1

Standout tracks include “Taste” and “Ignore Me.” Betty, Pt. 1 is for fans of Troye Sivan, flor, and Broods. Click here to listen.

  • Protomartyr – Consolation

Standout tracks include “Wheel of Fortune (ft. Kelley Deal)” and “Same Face In a Different Mirror.” Consolation is for fans of Preoccupations, Iceage, and Ought. Click here to listen.

  • Local Tourists – Adrift

Standout tracks include “Tango Loco” and “The Architect.” Adrift is for fans of Glass Towers, Finish Ticket, and Mutemath. Click here to listen.

  • DNCE – People to People

Standout tracks include “TV In the Morning” and “Lose My Cool.” People to People is for fans of Maroon 5, Hey Violet, and Olly Murs. Click here to listen.

  • Days Like These – State of Growth

Standout tracks include “Weak” and “Give Up, Give Out.” State of Growth is for fans of Face Value, Detour North, and Far Too Young. Click here to listen.

  • Bussieres – Sunny Side Up

Standout tracks include “Prestige Worldwide” and “Baxter.” Sunny Side Up is for fans of Curbside, Hate It Too, and Thousand Oaks. Click here to listen.


Featured SingleS

Let us know what you think of June’s releases down in the comments below!

Our Alt Col Picks are curated lists of the best albums and EPs for each month! We keep a schedule of upcoming releases and pick our favorite ones at the end of the month, giving them a spotlight here and on Twitter. To be featured in one of our lists, hit us up on our contact page or Twitter, though nothing is guaranteed. (We rarely make exceptions to include past releases, so if your album came out in June, we might be hesitant to include it in July or August, for instance.)