Artist Spotlight: Off the Record

Off the Record hits the ground running with their powerful debut single, “Whitley.”

These Connecticut boys have beautifully mastered a mix of harmonized melodies and heart-wrenching lyrics to emphasize their stellar emotional musicianship, resulting in an energetic and robust single. They gave their shot at Warped Tour’s Battle of the Bands, receiving a 79.8% buzz rating and much support from their hometown. On their YouTube channel, the boys uploaded 6 videos about each of the members and a humorous glimpse of them all together leading up to the release of “Whitley.” “Whitley” is a triumphing debut, sprinkled with breathtaking guitar riffs and an outstanding solo, as well as impassioned vocals and lyrics, and many elements can certainly be compared to bands like As It Is or Mayday Parade. Expect to hear more from this up and coming pop rock outfit!

Click here for a free download of “Whitley” from OTR’s Bandcamp.

Off the Record Social Media


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