Driver Friendly – Unimagined Bridges, 2014 (Album Review)

Driver Friendly pleasingly delivers in their 2014 album, Unimagined Bridges. Driver Friendly was originally formed in 2002 yet struggled to gain a large following for many years. In 2012, after releasing the LP Bury a Dream, they signed to the monumental Hopeless Records, which brought a wave of hope for the Austin, Texas, band. Unimagined Bridges certainly showcases the band’s talent and manifests that hard work and struggle truly does pay off. Lead singer Tyler Welsh presents a twinge of Stephan Jenkins in his voice, and the brass hornline offers a fresh yet classic sound to the unforgettable, indie rock tracks. Highlights of the record include “Deconstruct You,” “Stand So Tall,” and “Everything Gold,” as well as some tracks that are guaranteed to be my personal favorites, like “Undone,” “Twenty Centuries of Sleep,” and “What A Predicament!” The album overall embodies a mixture of floating on clouds and a late night playing video games with friends back in high school.  It is simultaneously mature and a love letter to the teenage years of past. It is sure to strike a chord with members of the pop punk community and the hearts of indie rockers, and I definitely recommend it for anyone looking for a not-too-distant change from the typical Hopeless sound. Unimagined Bridges unapologetically rates a 9/10 for the stellar display of crisp, vivid melodies and mature yet youthful lyrics.


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