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Spotlight: Dream Jacuzzi’s Stunning New Single “Rollercoaster”


Birmingham, AL, natives Dream Jacuzzi are gearing up for the release of their debut album Lemon Hazy Nights, due December 4th. The band has been consistently dropping singles since 2019 after the release of their first EP Out With the Moon. Since that EP was unveiled, they’ve added new members to their lineup, officially signed on with Red Knuckle Records, and experimented with some new sounds.

The newest single “Rollercoaster” (Oct. 23) is a testament to that stylistic exploration, and it might just be Dream Jacuzzi’s strongest single to date. Strap in and enjoy the ride as a filtered intro culminates into the chorus to kick off the tune. The catchy hook is instantly infectious, and a pulsating bassline persists all throughout the song. Punchy percussion, scintillating synthesizers, and ethereal background vocals immediately consummate an expansive atmosphere and unique musicality reminiscent of records like The Sounds’ 2013 album Weekend or Thumpers’ 2014 debut Galore.

Drawing some inspiration from pop rock of the ’70s and ’80s, “Rollercoaster” is certainly a cultivated amalgamation of synths, tight guitar melodies, and sublimely reverb-infused vocal harmonies. During the second verse, a glissando-tinged guitar line emulates the ups and downs of a rollercoaster, sliding from one octave to the other. The whirlwind of a song closes out with one final chorus, which greets the listener with robotic-esque vocal effects and a zenith point of every cog in the band’s machine blissfully melding together.

The band’s chemistry is undeniable, being comprised of brothers Lucas and Rhett Jackson and long-time friend Josh Pastor. With six singles and an EP under the band’s belt, Dream Jacuzzi is ready to make the huge splash they deserve, and “Rollercoaster” is undoubtedly a superb display of what this young, talented group is capable of. This latest single will interest fans of Atlas Genius, Smallpools, Summer Camp, and Jukebox the Ghost. Click here to pre-save “Rollercoaster” on Spotify!

Listen to Dream Jacuzzi here:

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