Artist Spotlight: Alumine

Alumine offers up compelling indie rock on their self-titled EP

Alumine, originating from Gainesville, Florida, expertly crafts irresistible indie rock with a delectable tinge of punk and emo inflections. With impassioned lyrics coupled against animated instrumentation, Alumine makes for a moonstruck listen, pulsing with emotion and fervency. The dual vocals exhibited on tracks like “Al Exterior (*CW)” intertwine for a dynamic and vibrant flourish, and the quasi-gang vocals and abrupt screaming keeps the listener on their toes with every refrain. The gritty timbre and raw sensibility is sure to capture fans of The Front Bottoms, Varsity, and Slow Bullet.

Alumine’s vehemence is showcased skillfully on their latest self-titled EP which includes four stellar tracks, each with personalities of their own. “Lele” opens up with lively percussion and almost suddenly slows down, and the tempo continues to oscillate throughout the piece, keeping your ear hooked for more surprises. The second song “Comenzamos” is characterized by gravelly guitars and crisp drumming layered underneath pulverantly overwrought vocals and complemented by more adroit tempo fluctuations. “Value,” although barely under two minutes, still ardently displays their musical talents and songwriting abilities with more vigorous and spirited assonance. “Al Exterior (*CW),” the longest tune on the EP, welds fierce lyricism and chanting with energetic musicality and guitar melodies.

Give Alumine a listen and let us know what you think! Their music is available on Bandcamp, iTunesSoundcloud, Spotify, and at Whelmed Records’ online store.

Image may contain: 2 people, people on stage and people standingAlumine Online



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