Artist Spotlight: Tiny Kingdoms


Tiny Kingdoms boasts alt-rock grandeur and acoustic opulence in recent EP releases

Hailing from the Chicago alt-rock/pop punk scene, Tiny Kingdoms fits the bill perfectly with impassioned songwriting and hardened musicianship that echoes prevailing acts like Real Friends and Pierce the Veil. Yet Tiny Kingdoms is something original, an imaginative and unconventional concoction worth downing not in one gulp, but slowly and smoothly, absorbing all the music has to offer in detail sip by sip. The brew embodies a pop punk timbre expertly mixed with fervent vocal delivery, vividly accentuating the ardent lyricism and earnestness. After releasing two solid 5-track EPs, Tiny Kingdoms has recently returned to prove they can master both the heavy-hitting and daydreamesque realms of their genre by crafting an entirely acoustic extended play. From the upbeat urgency of “Your Bones” to the mellow reverie of “Goodnight,” the I’ll Wait Around EP is well-rounded, coherent, and overall enthralling. The dazzling “Odds” and dejected “Wait Around” add to the landscape of high mountains and low valleys of raw human emotion exemplified on this 4-song record, showcasing the stellar libretto and symphonic proficiency Tiny Kingdoms is capable of. Give Tiny Kingdoms a listen and let us know what you think! Their music is available for streaming on Spotify and Apple Music and you can purchase it at Whelmed Records’ online store.

tiny2Tiny Kingdoms Online


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