20 Most Underrated 5SOS Songs

5 Seconds of Summer has officially released nearly a hundred songs and written many more. They’ve had super hits with multi-platinum sales, albums flying off the shelves, and fans eagerly awaiting to catch a glimpse of them everywhere they go. Yet there are a handful of songs that are painfully overlooked and simply forgotten about. Here are our top 20 most underrated songs from these Australian superstars. (Stick around for honorable mentions and unreleased songs at the end!)

20. “Never Be” from 5 Seconds of Summer  (2014)

Like many of the songs on this list, “Never Be” was included as a bonus track, specifically from their explosively popular debut album, which sold almost 2 million copies worldwide, if not more. “Never Be” is a syrupy sweet mid-tempo love song, but is typically unknown to most casual listeners. So break out the lighters and start swaying to this heartthrob track.

19. “Daylight” from Amnesia – EP  (2014)

“Daylight” is not exceedingly underrated, but it still certainly does not receive the credit it deserves. It is a solid pop rock tune, shifting from upbeat, chugging verses to a halftime-feeling chorus with smooth guitar riffs and clean vocals. The lyrics have that classic 5SOS touch of realistic yet sometimes goofy details that give the song more depth and life, making it feel like a true situation through continuous metaphors and similes.

18. “Green Light” from 5 Seconds of Summer  (2014)

This is how you make a piece about physical affection! By focusing on the most important thing: consent! For some straight white teenage boys, 5SOS really understands the significance of consent. “Green Light” is another solid, fun pop rock track with thorny riffs and catchy lyrics. It was tacked on as a bonus track of their self-titled album and is another sadly neglected tune. Give it the green light next time it comes up on your playlist and really soak it in!


17. “English Love Affair” from 5 Seconds of Summer  (2014)

Another bonus track from their debut? Yeah, but this is no doubt one of their best songs! “English Love Affair” is an energetic tale of debauchery, and it is undeniably catchy and overall fun. (You know it’s good when drummer Ashton Irwin gets a vocal solo.) The mysterious tone, vocal harmonies, and pulsing drum beat tie the song together and “English Love Affair” proves to be one of the best bonus tracks in their discography. Or just simply one of the best tracks!

16. “Close As Strangers” from 5 Seconds of Summer  (2014)

Yeah, there’s a trend going on here: bonus tracks are so freakin’ good. “Close As Strangers” is another heartfelt tune but is also a little depressing. It details the relationship struggles of constantly touring with the band, painting the situation of two lovers being away for too long and things slowly falling apart. The acoustic guitar and piano add an emotional atmosphere on top of the lyrical content, and “Close As Strangers” certainly doesn’t receive its due recognition.

15. “Lost Boy” from 5 Seconds of Summer  (2014)

“Lost Boy” is actually one of 5SOS’s older songs, and they even performed it live multiple times throughout 2013. It finally got the respect it deserves when they released a studio recording as a bonus track on their self-titled debut. Again, it’s not super underrated, but it is unfamiliar to adventitious fans. The smooth vocal delivery and pop rock bliss makes “Lost Boy” one of the many lost tracks of their discography.

14. “Catch Fire” from Sounds Good, Feels Good  (2015)

5sossgfgAh, finally! A track from their sophomore release, Sounds Good, Feels Good! And hey, it’s not a bonus track! “Catch Fire,” cowritten with Alex Gaskarth, is a fun yet mature tune from SGFG, incorporating a wide array of instrumentation and styles. However, many people consider it as just a filler track on the album, but “Catch Fire” proves to be more than a simple piece for tomentum. It shows the band evolving and stepping out of their comfort zone.

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13. “Mrs. All-American” from 5 Seconds of Summer  (2014)

Back to the debut album? Yep. And it’s a bonus track. “Mrs. All-American” was included on the United States deluxe edition, and while it isn’t agonizingly underrated, it surely doesn’t garner proper attention. This song is another cheerfully cheesy tune with delightfully goofy lyrics and electronic elements. Kinda makes you appreciate the maturity of songs like “Catch Fire” even more, huh? “Mrs. All-American” is still decent, light earcandy and is yet at times unnoticed.

12. “Tomorrow Never Dies” from 5 Seconds of Summer  (2014)

“Tomorrow Never Dies” was released as a Target exclusive bonus track on the debut, and since Target is only in America, this song was slightly unbeknownst to, well, everyone else. “Tomorrow Never Dies” takes advantage of electronic components, creating atmosphere and special effects. It still flies under the radar, even to this day, and unrightfully so. Again, this shows 5SOS stepping out of their comfort zone, beyond the typical pop rock timbre they usually exhibit.


11. “If You Don’t Know” from Don’t Stop – EP  (2014)

“If You Don’t Know” was included on the Don’t Stop EP in 2014 and is definitely one of the most emotional songs in their discography. With pulse-quickening guitar melodies and chanted refrains, “If You Don’t Know” is bound to punch you right in the gut with its poignant lyrical storytelling and impassioned vocal performances.

10. “Bad Dreams” (2013)

calumFinally into the Top 10 underrated tracks. An unofficially released song, “Bad Dreams” was specifically written by bassist Calum Hood, and proves to be another buoyant cheesy track. It’s undeniably one of their best unreleased songs (of which there are many,) and we constantly wonder why they didn’t include it as at least a bonus track! “Bad Dreams” is a typical 5SOS tune and is still an enjoyable tune despite not being officially distributed.

9. “Broken Pieces” from She’s Kinda Hot – EP  (2015)

Remember this EP? Well, you should. “Broken Pieces” is undoubtedly overlooked. It was the first taste of the “New Broken Scene” era that we got, and it proves that 5SOS certainly matured over the year. “Broken Pieces” is an emotional, melodious track, detailing a shattered relationship and a sense of hopefulness towards repairing it. However, since this EP was only officially released in the UK, other countries were not easily able to unearth it by conventional means, resulting in “Broken Pieces” going unnoticed.

Read our full review of the She’s Kinda Hot EP here!

8. “Social Casualty” from 5 Seconds of Summer  (2014)

Next on the list is “Social Casualty,” which samples the famous guitar riff from Fall Out Boy’s hit, “Sugar, We’re Going Down.” This track depicts social nonconformity and bohemianism among youth, and it was included as a bonus track on the self-titled album. While “Social Casualty” isn’t achingly neglected, it still doesn’t stick out to casual followers of the band. While it does wear other influences on its sleeve (also see: All Time Low’s “Me Without You,”) “Social Casualty” is still an entertaining deep cut!

7. “The Space Between a Rock and a Hard Place (Catch-22)” from Sounds Good, Feels Good  (2015)

5sossgfgProbably their longest song title, right? Nonetheless, this track is killer! “The Space Between a Rock and a Hard Place” was included on SGFG as a Target exclusive bonus track, which is why it’s mostly overlooked. (Like, seriously overlooked. I struggled to even find decent audio of it online.) But this song is some solid pop rock! The explosive, harmonious chorus complements the building verses, and I’d personally love to hear this live!

6. “18” from 5 Seconds of Summer  (2014)

Hey, a song from the debut album that isn’t a bonus track! Yes, “18” is so painfully underrated, it’s probably the least popular song from the self-titled record. But it’s so fun! Yes, it’s goofy and cliché and slightly immature, but it’s still a likable listen! It is one of the most rock-ish songs on the debut, and is actually another one of the boys’ older pieces which they wrote in 2013. Sometimes you just gotta turn your brain off and rock out!

5. “Gotta Get Out” from Somewhere New – EP  (2012)

While “Gotta Get Out” isn’t extremely passed over, it is certainly an impressive tune for such (at the time) young lads. Their debut EP, Somewhere New, showcased what 5SOS is all about – lively, danceable tunes, like “Unpredictable,” and heartfelt, more mellow tunes, like “Beside You.” “Gotta Get Out” finds a sweet spot in between – it’s upbeat and fun but more serious in the lyrical department. Personally, I also love the acoustic version!

4. “The Only Reason” from She Looks So Perfect – EP  (2014)

The She Looks So Perfect EP was the group’s first major label debut, offering the biggest hit in their discography to date. (“She Looks So Perfect”) But “The Only Reason” never broke through beyond the band’s close fans, which is unfortunate. This track features an amazing vocal performance from guitarist Michael Clifford and some of their “heaviest” material that year. The poignant lyrics and impassioned musicianship of “The Only Reason” truly deserve more publicity.

3. “Lost In Reality” from She’s Kinda Hot – EP  (2015)

As we enter the top 3, “Lost In Reality” rightfully warrants a spot this high on the list. (I mean, this entire EP kinda flew under the radar, you know?) “Lost In Reality” is nothing less than genuinely great pop rock bliss. The exciting guitar melodies, electronic touches, and vocal harmonies bring this piece together, bridging the gap between the full-length albums by maintaining the cut-loose rock elements of the debut and the maturity of the sophomore release.


2. “Story of Another Us” from Sounds Good, Feels Good  (2015)

5sossgfgI’m sure you’re waiting on the edge of your seat for the number 1 song. But first, we can’t overlook “Story of Another Us” anymore than everyone else already has. WOW. This song is so amazingly stellar, it begs the question as to why it was included as a Target bonus track and not a single or something! “Story of Another Us” is practically like a much more mature and seasoned version of “Heartache on the Big Screen.” This piece is one of the most ardently emotional displays in their collection to date, flaunting stunning vocal acts from Calum Hood and Luke Hemmings. The swelling orchestral aspects exhibited in the bridge section build the passionate sincerity even more, leading into a warming acoustic lull from Calum before erupting with the final chorus. There is no doubt “Story of Another Us” is one of the lads’ most dimensional and heartrending performances in their history, and it’s a damn shame more listeners don’t know about this tune.

1. “Independence Day” from 5 Seconds of Summer  (2014)

Hm, our top 2 picks are both Target exclusive bonus tracks… “Independence Day” is by far one of the most underrated songs in the band’s discography. This tune is an upbeat, charged pop rock track, featuring outstanding vocals from Luke, Calum, and harmonies from the rest of the boys. But Jesus, listen to that guitar riff! The meteoric chorus and fiery bridge portions are major highlights of this tune, but the verses also don’t disappoint. The lyrics are fairly mature compared to the rest of the material on their debut release and are unbelievably catchy. This song would be absolutely breathtaking to hear live, from the magnificent drumming to the cumbersome guitar melodies, not to mention the phenomenal guitar solos featured in the bridge! All in all, “Independence Day” is severely overlooked, it’s almost arduous to think about the lack of credit it receives.

Well, there you have it, the most underrated songs by 5 Seconds of Summer! Tweet at us or let us know in the comments below what songs you think are overlooked!

Honorable Mentions:


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