Artist Spotlight: LAYNE


LAYNE mixes alternative rock and atmospheric pop in singles “Good” and “Somebody.”

layneIf you were to put The 1975 and CHVRCHES with a hint of Halsey in a blender, you’d get a delicious smoothie called LAYNE. (And maybe some hairstyling from Lynn Gunn of PVRIS.) However, LAYNE is highly original and genuine. Vocal lilts and sleek guitar melodies characterize LAYNE’s sound, as well as relatable lyrics and electronic elements, giving this California band a particular depth and healthy foothold in today’s alternative scene. Adorned in black and a slight touch of indie Tumblr aesthetic grunge, LAYNE has crafted two outstanding singles that are guaranteed to soothe the ears with their syrupy refrains and yet still deliver an effective punch. Honest vocal performances and infectious drum cadences beg for you to listen, pulling you by the hand with a tenacious grip and nervous ambition. The captivating flow of voice and cascading electronic inflections are mesmerizing,layne5 energetic, enthralling, and most of all addicting. With lyrics that ooze between the crevices of your brain like sugary sorghum, these are songs that are bound to sashay through your head, whether you have a leather jacket on or not. Give LAYNE a listen below!

LAYNE Social Medialayne4


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